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Caparoom is a social showroom that supports spreading the real value of awesome products directly to the consumers.

Caparoom comes from “Showroom + Capability = Showroom showcasing capabilities.” Showcasing the products’ capabilities will ultimately enhance conversion of the visitors.

Caparoom supports retailers so that retails will be able to communicate directly to consumers and spread promotion & campaigns, and ultimately sell more directly to the consumers.

What we have today:

  • • Retails post and share campaigns. The post will be shown in ‘value for money’ stories, and will have direct link to your store.

What we may provide in the future:

  • • A service that accelerates story posting, which enhances exposure of the products dramatically.
  • • A service that analyzes users’ behavior.
  • • Mobile app that facilitates users to post and browse stories of products at stores.
  • • A function that shares stories with makers.

When you join as Retail, your post will be under the name you register.

Let’s start sharing stories of your products to your future customers.

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